We are built on a foundation of trust.

Mission and values

Our success and the future of security depends on the ability for people to build and maintain trust in the systems we are building.
— Arno Fiedler, Founder of Nimbus

We believe in a commitment to transparency and excellent work, and that the core principles of integrity and honesty come before all else in decision-making. The services we provide are based on building this trust between our team members, partners, clients and the world at large, and securing that trust with the most advanced tools available. We have been at this work for the past two decades, bringing about change in the digital environment to make the world a safer place for everyone, from private businesses, governments and extra-governmental agencies to consumers of all ages.



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Arno Fiedler
Owner & Managing Director

Dipl. Wirtsch.-Ing. (Industrial Engineering)

Arno Fiedler is founder and managing director of Nimbus Technologieberatung GmbH. His leadership defines the vision and integrity which are synonymous with the Nimbus name, and every completed project delivers the highest quality.

The core topics of his expertise include designing and deploying PKI infrastructures, legal and technical bases for European policy, standards and requirements for Trust Service Providers and auditors, issues in global markets for Trust Services, development of blockchain-based tools, project management and event organization.

Arno has both organized and spoken at conferences all over the world, published dozens of contributions to the field of network and information security, and has for two decades led the Nimbus team through the rapidly changing landscape of the online world of data, communication and trust.

Arno also provides valuable contributions to several task forces, working groups and technical committees, such as ETSI ESI, CA/B Forum, ENISA and Secure Identity Berlin-Brandenburg.



Nimbus has long established and carefully curated relationships with and works closely with experts in every relevant field.

Nimbus has an extensive record successfully implementing complex projects, even with short notice. We could not achieve such high quality results without the people with whom we have built long and trusting relationships over the past two decades. We can assemble a customized team to bring the most relevant competences to the table, and we are both flexible and committed to the needs of our clients.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Thiel
Senior Expert for Crypto, PKI, Network, ITSEC, Policies
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Prof. Dr. E.G. Giesmann
Senior Expert for CEN/ETSI Standards, SmartCards, Crypto
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Rolf Peters
Senior Expert for Information Technology & Service, Project Management
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Heidrun Collins
Office Management

Nicholas Dunham
Analyst, Quality Assurance, Research, Market Analysis, Social Media
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Caroline Schröter
Analyst, Project Management, Marketing, Research
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Project-specific experts

Nimbus also draws upon the expertise of leaders in several fields to bring wider perspective and a deeper knowledge base to its research and projects.

Prof. Dr. Riccardo Genghini
Senior Expert Legal, Compliance and PKI, Standards, CP, Market, DP
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Prof. Dr. Sachar Paulus
Senior Expert in Management and Security
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Iñigo Barreira
Senior Expert in PKI Deployment, Audit, CA/B Forum, ITSEC, CP, NETSEC
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Ulrike Linde
Junior Expert in PKI, Legal, Finance Sector, TSP
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Michael Gerhard Notboom
Expert in Business and Management Consulting, Start-up
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Winfried Evert
Expert in Real Estate (IHK), Project Management, Web Design
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Matthias Fluhr
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